My approach

“The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing.” - Blaise Pascal, French philosopher

Does this resonate with you? Sometimes your mind wants something completely different than what your gut is telling you?

You might already have tried a few things, however your issues persist and you might already have heard: “There is nothing, we can't find anything”. You feel that you finally need a change... You want to change something. You are taking the first step by looking for support, by finding out what options there are and by gathering information about what I have to offer.
Choosing to do therapy does not only require courage and faith, but also readiness to take a good look at yourself and willingness to take good care of yourself.

My task is to track down on your underlying issues together with you, in order to initiate your personal development process.
As the companion on your journey, I am taking every step together with you, keeping an eye on the pace and providing you with new impetus.

I use several methods of psychotherapy to support you individually – guided by the conviction that anything you need for holistic health is already present within you.